Hydrogen and fuel cells into the mainstream

The 13th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference ‘Hydrogen and Fuel Cells into the Mainstream’ will capture the current spirit in the FCH sector, with news stories about developments and opportunities. The conference will feature presentations and discussions around successful implementation and delivery of commercial products and exciting demonstration projects across a range of applications. The FCH JU Executive director B. Biebuyck is joining the conference with a keynote speech.


The conference will focus on the following areas:

-Transport- Private vehicles, Public transport, Heavy goods vehicles

-Hydrogen Infrastructure, Production and Storage- Grid Support, Refuelling, Delivery, Onsite Production

-Large and Small Scale application- Domestic, Workplace, Miscellaneous

- Investment Funding and IP- Private Investment, Public Investment, Business Growth, IP


View the conference programme here.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017
NEC, Birmingham, UK