Symposium on European grid service market

The way how the electrical energy market is organised in Europe is changing, opening opportunities for more flexibility in generation and consumption. New sustainable technologies such as water electrolysers, fuel cells, batteries and others meet the needs of the future transmission and distribution grid. Flexibility, virtual power plant, dynamic load management, direct marketing, control reserves, grid services are few of the key words addressing this challenge.

FCH JU project QualyGrids will have a symposium on European grid service markets during the days of the European Fuel cell Forum (EFCF) in Lucerne. During the symposium international experts highlight the topics around the grid service markets, focusing on the market logic, business model experience, regulations, grid balancing, future trends and long term business plans. The symposium aims at reaching an understanding of the differences in the European grid service markets and at pinpointing prospects of flexible emerging technologies to contribute to grid services. It addresses scouts and managers from the European electricity industry, administration bodies and researchers interested in the commercial aspects of grid services.

Find the programme and registration details on the EFCF website here. 




Thursday, July 6, 2017
Lucerne (Switzerland)