Since 2008 this workshop series has been taking place to bring together industry, research and academia active in the field of Fuel Cell System technology. The workshop is a joint activity between the University of Birmingham and the VTT-led System-Working Group of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Programme of EERA (European Energy Research Area) and is taking place on 16- 17 May in Bruges, Belgium.
The FCH JU has committed to work with regions and cities in developing business cases for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. The commitment of the FCH JU to work with regions and cities will be implemented from 2017 by launching a study that will: assess the business cases for fuel cell and hydrogen applications that local authorities are seeking put them directly in touch with industry players help them map their local capabilities so that they can exploited in the... Read more
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) and Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electro- Mobility in European Regions (HyER) have come together to organise a seminar on hydrogen trains on 15 May 2017. The seminar will analyse the opportunities that hydrogen fuel cells can bring to the rail industry and will look at passenger transport, freight and shunting or switching. Regulation and safety issue will also be a part of the program. The... Read more
This annual session will present an assessment of the heating season 2016- 2017 for cogeneration gases, as well as the regulatory developments and prospects of this sector, within the framework of the multi annual program of investments in the course of training. The objective of this day is to reflect upon the situation of gas cogeneration in France by power segments. At the occasion of this event, the ene.field national workshop will take place during a separate session, with the... Read more
 The FCH 2 JU is organising a Financial Workshop for all coordinators and  participants of projects from Horizon 2020.  During the meeting, FCH 2 JU plans to provide information and further clarifications on the following topics: Most important H2020 rules on eligibility of costs Overview of the new reporting tools & requirements Frequently asked questions received from the coordinators & partners on H2020 rules   The workshop will take place on... Read more
Germany is at the forefront of fuel cell micro-CHP deployment in Europe, as industry and policymakers have worked together towards a favorable framework for these state-of-the-art energy solutions. With the latest policy developments in Germany fuel cell micro-CHP products are uniquely positioned to deliver important benefits to energy consumers, while significantly contributing towards the Energiewende objectives. The momentum towards reaching mass commercialisation for these home energy... Read more
The 13th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference ‘Hydrogen and Fuel Cells into the Mainstream’ will capture the current spirit in the FCH sector, with news stories about developments and opportunities. The conference will feature presentations and discussions around successful implementation and delivery of commercial products and exciting demonstration projects across a range of applications. The FCH JU Executive director B. Biebuyck is joining the conference with a keynote speech... Read more
ene.field project partners are pleased to invite you to learn more about Fuel Cell micro-combined heat and power (FC mCHP), first-hand from manufacturers. The aim of this workshop is to inform participants of the ene.field project findings and of the potential of FC mCHP technologies for enabling energy transition in the United Kingdom. This is the fourth of a series of national workshops that will present project findings in different markets across Europe. The ... Read more
On 9- 10 March 2017 the third European workshop on membrane reactors conference continues the previous workshops on membrane reactors. The first workshop was organised back in November 2012 (Italy) and was entitled “Pd-based membranes and reactor scale-up”. The second workshop, “Catalytic Membrane Reactors: what’s next” was held in April 2015 in the Netherlands. This third one is jointly organised by 5 major European projects on membrane reactors, of which three are FCH JU funded- BIONICO,... Read more
This European workshop dedicated to recent progress in fuel cells for automotive applications will be organised on 1- 3 March 2017 in Orléans, France. This workshop will be a unique occasion for discussing both scientific and technological advances within the frame of FCH JU projects in order to have the current status of excellence research and innovation in the field of fuel cell cars at midterm of Horizon2020. The workshop is organised in the framework of the FCH JU project... Read more