The 21st Conference in Series following on from 2013 and 2015 takes place on 4- 7 July 2017 is dedicated to: - Hydrogen -, Direct Alcohol -, Microbial - and Enzymatic Fuel Cells (PEFC, HTPEM, AFC, PAFC, DAFC, ADAFC; DMFC, DEFC, MBFC, EFC, ...) - Electrolyser including Hydrogen processing & purification and Hydrogen storage materials, theory & modelling. The forum is the top-quality exchange platform and bridge from Materials & Components to Applications and provides a... Read more
Jointly organized by the FCH JU funded projects DIAMOND and HEALTH-CODE at European Fuel Cell Forum on 4th July 2017, this workshop will focus on the implementation and use of the technology beyond the project duration. Its objective is to exploit the technology in commercial means after the project ends. The workshop will summarize the progress towards the exploitation by industrial partners and potential customers. Mid-term results achieved by HEALTH-CODE... Read more
The launch event of the study “Early Business Cases for P2H in Europe” (commissioned by FCH-JU) is going to be held on the 23rd of June 2017 from 11h00 to 14h00 at the premises of Tractebel (Avenue Ariane 7, B-1200 Brussels). Tractebel and Hinicio will present the key findings of their business case analysis, focusing on three concrete cases: (1) an oil refinery in Germany, (2) food oil production in Denmark and (3) a cluster of hydrogen refueling stations in France. The presentation will... Read more
Don't miss the opportunity to take part in a stimulating debate about the future of the energy system and role of heat and power in Europe! FCH JU key projects ene.field and Pace will be featured as part of the session named "What innovative business models empower consumers in the energy transition” in the frame of the Policy Conference during the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2017 (EUSEW17) in Brussels.The session will take place on 21st June 2017 at 18:00 and will focus on the role of active... Read more
The FCH JU, in cooperation with the Port of Valencia and JRC, is organising a Workshop on Maritime applications in Valencia, Spain on 15- 16 June 2017. This event follows on from the previous workshop on Smart Specialisation held in 2015 in Lyon and takes a closer look at maritime and port applications, with a number of sessions centred around the issue of hydrogen and fuel cell applications for boats/ships, logistics and stationary applications, as well as some other aspects... Read more
Following Torres Vedras municipality (Portugal) signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Hydrogen Regions and Cities initiative earlier this month, in partnership with the Portuguese Association for the Promotion of Hydrogen (AP2H2) the municipality is now organising a Workshop under the topic of "Sustainable Cities – the Role of Hydrogen".  The event will take place in Torres Vedras Environmental Education Centre on the morning of 1th June (the afternoon shall be... Read more
This annual conference has been established to provide a platform for fuel cell and hydrogen researchers and industry to meet and discuss new developments, trends and deployment issues. This year's edition is taking place on 31 May- 1 June in Birmingham, UK.
Since 2008 this workshop series has been taking place to bring together industry, research and academia active in the field of Fuel Cell System technology. The workshop is a joint activity between the University of Birmingham and the VTT-led System-Working Group of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Programme of EERA (European Energy Research Area) and is taking place on 16- 17 May in Bruges, Belgium.
The FCH JU has committed to work with regions and cities in developing business cases for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. The commitment of the FCH JU to work with regions and cities will be implemented from 2017 by launching a study that will: assess the business cases for fuel cell and hydrogen applications that local authorities are seeking put them directly in touch with industry players help them map their local capabilities so that they can exploited in the... Read more
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU), Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2R JU) and Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electro- Mobility in European Regions (HyER) have come together to organise a seminar on hydrogen trains on 15 May 2017. The seminar will analyse the opportunities that hydrogen fuel cells can bring to the rail industry and will look at passenger transport, freight and shunting or switching. Regulation and safety issue will also be a part of the program. The... Read more