Discover FCH JU 6 new projects boosting pathways for green hydrogen

Production of hydrogen from renewable sources is crucial to enlarge the place of green hydrogen within the energy transition.

The FCH JU funding programme continues placing this item at the core of its activities and has allocated 24.5 M € to improve the different technologies (electrolysis and biogas reforming) and to stimulate market penetration. Capitalizing research for green hydrogen will allow addressing the intermittent character of renewables and harnessing their power, while naturally moving away from fossil energies.

Six new projects related to hydrogen production have recently received funding from the FCH JU 2016 call for proposal.

Half of these concern electrolysis: projects H2Future (launch coming soon) and DEMO4GRID will demonstrate in industrial environments, at the MW scale, a proton-exchange membrane electrolyser and an alkaline electrolyser respectively for low CO2 hydrogen production and energy storage in grid balancing services. In addition, Research project QualyGridS  will develop standardised test protocols for electrolysers used to perform electricity grid services.

In parallel, further research on other hydrogen production methods will be carried out by projects PECSYS on improved stability and efficiency of water-splitting photo-electrochemical devices and project BIOROBURplus  on advancing the technology readiness level of biogas reforming.

Project MEMPHYS will deal with the purification of various hydrogen-containing gas streams with  dual membrane systems combining proton exchange with selective permeability polymers.