European Fuel Cell Car Workshop

The FCH JU participated in the European Fuel Cell Car Workshop held on March 1-3, 2017, in Orléans, France.

The focus of the workshop was to take stock of the recent advances made in Europe towards achieving the COP21 objectives in terms of transport and sustainable mobility using the fuel cells and hydrogen sector.

Organised by the CNRS and the FCH JU project SMARTCat, this workshop brought together researchers and manufacturers from major French and European SMEs and industrial groups to discuss the recent advances in hydrogen energy technologies and fuel cells in the field of automotive transport.

The participants had the opportunity to meet and join potential consortia during the 2017 FCH-JU call period. This Workshop was a unique occasion for discussing both scientific and technological advances within the frame of the FCH-JU projects for having at midterm of H2020 a current status of the excellence research and Innovation in the fields of fuel cell car.

FCH JU Head of Operations, Mirela Atanasiu, joined a press conference with the purpose of outlining the  actions made by the FCH JU in bringing together public an private partners to accelerate market entry of FCH technologies. This was also the occasion to link the FCH JU Programme development with the major progress happening in the hydrogen sector in France. The conference stimulated significant press interest, especially from the regional media.