FCH JU events: what's next on transport

Moving towards electrification and increased integration of renewable sources, fuel cells and hydrogen technologies are great solutions to empower citizens to move towards a clean and sustainable integrated transport system. The FCH JU continues supporting major developments in this area. Out of the 53 FCH JU transport projects, 27 are dedicated to demonstration activities, enabling first deployment activities and helping moving from national plans to an EU strategy. So far, the €260 M funding secured for these projects by the FCH JU helped deploying more than 45 Hydrogen refueling stations and 1500 cars in European cities. In public transportation, the recent launch of the JIVE project will triple the number of hydrogen buses in circulation to more than 200 in 19 European cities. FCH JU transport activities cover a versatile portfolio as fuel cells can be used in many applications, from cars to buses, including maritime products and trains.

Several activities planned by the FCH JU for the coming period will be the occasion for many to get familiar with the latest developments and coming plans.

FCH JU 2017 transport initiatives - Mark your calendar!

Hydrogen train workshop - 15 May 2017, Brussels, BELGIUM

Organised together with Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (S2RJU) and Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electro-Mobility in European Regions (HyER), this seminar on hydrogen trains will analyse the opportunities that hydrogen fuel cells can bring to the rail industry. 

By 2021, there are plans for 40 hydrogen trains to be operational in four German Lander. The workshop will not only look at the introduction of these trains but also at broader issues such as technology, regulation and safety. Additionally, the seminar will outline the joint work undertaken by DG MOVE, FCH JU and S2R JU in terms of hydrogen trains and discuss with local authorities on regional initiatives across Europe.

The workshop will take place in the Norway House,  17 Rue Archimède, 1000 Brussels, on Monday 15 May 2017 from 10:00 till 18:00. Registrations are open, more information can be found here

Workshop on Maritime and Port applications - 15-16 June 2017, Valencia, SPAIN

The FCH JU will hold a workshop on Maritime and Port applications, in cooperation with the Port of Valencia and JRC.

This event follows on from the previous workshop on Smart Specialisation held in 2015 in Lyon and takes a closer look at maritime and port applications, with a number of sessions centered around the issue of hydrogen and fuel cell applications for boats/ships, logistics and stationary applications, as well as safety and regulations and funding mechanisms. A detailed program and registrations will follow shortly on this page.

Hydrogen for clean transport- 22 September 2017, Brussels, BELGIUM

An event on FCH JU flagship projects: HyFIVE & H2ME

As the FCH JU flagship project HyFIVE embraces its final phase, this event will be the occasion to present the project’s final results and to foster discussions on the benefits of zero-emission hydrogen technology in project regions. This will be the chance to find out how hydrogen technology is closely linked to the EU’s air quality and green agenda, and will highlight next steps beyond the project.

Building on HYFIVE achievements, experts from FCH JU projects H2ME 1 & 2 will take part in the event to share the latest learnings and conclusions. The conference will also tackle how hydrogen and fuel cell technology (HFC) can support the EU’s decarbonisation goals and how to address the remaining barriers to uptake of HFC technologies in the transport sector.

This event will bring together the most innovative European hydrogen initiatives in the transport sector. Do not miss it!

A detailed program and registrations will follow. More information can be found here