Joint Workshop: An innovation pipeline for Hydrogen & Fuel Cells



The joint workshop between FCH JU and DG Move is approaching. It will be held on the Tuesday 23 June from 14.30 to 17.00.

This session is based on the pipeline concept that will be presented at the general innovation session of Monday morning, and will, as a first example, establish a specific innovation pipeline for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technology .


Innovation Pipelines, a new concept in the TEN-T days 2015

FCH JU Call 2015 - INFO DAY


On the 7 May 2015, the FCH JU held a Public Information Session as regards with the new call 2015.

This second Info-Day under Horizon 2020 focused on outlining the new topics for proposals as described in the Annual Work Plan 2015, as well as detailing rules framing submission of proposals and evaluation procedure. 

Presentations can be found hereunder:

New study published on Commercialisation of Energy Storage in Europe


On Wednesday the 18/03/2015,the new study on Commercialisation of Energy Storage was launched.

The FCH JU believes that it is essential to understand the future demand for energy storage covering a wide range of options from a technology-neutral point of view. It initated therefore this current fact-based study carried out by a large coalition representing dfferent technologies and players in the energy storage market.

FCH JU call 2014 - Overview of evaluation results


An overview of the evaluation results for the 2014 Call (Flash Call Info) is now available. More information can be found on our website under the "Calls for Proposals" section - Call updates (10/03/2015): here.

FCH JU recently informed the applicants about the evaluation results for their proposals.

The number of proposals that can finally be funded depends on the available budget and the formal approval of grant agreements by the FCH2 Joint Undertaking.