Discover FCH JU new research projects boosting the potential of stationary fuel cells

Stationary fuel cells are typically used for the simultaneous production of heat and power, running very quietly with high energy efficiency and with reduced environmental impact compared to traditional fossil fuels based devices.

They can serve many applications, e.g. replacing conventional heating systems while also providing electric power, for back-up power systems or for reliable off-grid primary power to homes, businesses, telecommunication networks, utilities.

Publication of call for proposals 2017


The FCH JU is pleased to announce the publication of its new 2017 call for proposals.

The opening of a new call for proposals translates the core mission of the FCH JU into a key action, adding a stepping stone into the path towards accelerating commercialisation of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.

The 2017 call for proposals is available with a funding of 116 million €, with total of 24 topics, including 7 for transport, 12 for energy and 5 for cross-cutting.

Launch of a Virtual Knowledge Base for Fuel Cell Electric Buses


Fuel cell electric buses are clean, long range and silent. They are a great alternative to move towards a sustainable public transportation and integrate existing fleets. The FCH JU is supporting 4 projects in this field, deploying 67 buses across Europe. Sharing knowledge and experience around fuel cell electric buses is essential to ensure a smooth transition and support the commercialisation process.

European regions and cities to enable market entry of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies


On the occasion of the FCH JU Stakeholder Forum which took place in Brussels on the 23 November 2016: more than 20 representatives of European cities and regions gathered to highlight their willingness to integrate fuel cells and hydrogen into their path towards decarbonisation.  This took shape through the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in the presence of the President of the European Committee of the Regions Mr Markku Markkula.