DEMOSOFC at Fostering the Transition towards a Circular Economy in Europe

On Tuesday 27 February, a unique symposium on circular economy will take place in Brussels at the Thon hotel, featuring FCH JU project DEMOSOFC as part of its programme.

The concept of circular economy has gained significant prominence, becoming more widespread and pervasive in the last ten years. Taking into account the whole product life-cycle, circular economy offers an alternative model that promotes reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling, recuperating rare raw materials and transforming waste into a resource.

This timely symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity for industry experts, policy makers, academics, NGOs and other key stakeholders to review the latest European regulatory policy developments on the Circular Economy Package and discuss strategies aimed at promoting a more sustainable economy. The symposium will allow delegates to assess the current challenges to the transition towards a more circular economy, consider ways to overcome them, set future priorities and share best practice and initiatives from across Europe. 

On this occasion, the state of progress of FCH JU project DEMOSOFC will be presented. Running since  2015, DEMOSOFC  has put into operation the largest biogas-fed fuel cell plant in Europe. The plant is a combined heat and power energy system, working by recovering the biogas obtained from the digestion of the sludge produced by Turin's wastewater treatment process. The fuel cell plant generates zero-emission energy as it is CO2 neutral and has no contaminants nor pollutants emissions. The replication potential of this installation is very significant. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre