HPEM2GAS Project final event

The HPEM2GAS consortium is organising a final project event on 12 February 2018 in Emdem, Germany. 

Distributed energy generation using renewable power sources and advanced energy storage technologies are of paramount importance for the future energy system. Hydrogen will assume in the future increased environmental and societal relevance in addressing energy issues, pollution and global warming.  

The HPEM2GAS project is developing a low cost PEM electrolyser optimised for grid management through both stack and balance of plant innovations, culminating in a six month field testing of an advanced 180 kW system. Several strategies have been applied to lower the overall cost with the aim to enable widespread utilization of the technology. These primarily concern a three-fold increase in current density (resulting in the proportional decrease in capital costs) whilst maintaining cutting edge efficiency and a material use minimisation approach.

The aim of HPEM2GAS is to demonstrate a combination of high electrolyser performance and proper dynamic behaviour for storing the surplus of renewable energy in hydrogen to cover the gap between the intermittent renewable power production and the grid demand.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Emden, Germany