Hydrogen Mobility Europe Roundtable

The EU flagship hydrogen project H2ME is hosting on 10 October a Hydrogen Mobility Roundtable event, in partnership with the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) and Hydrogen Europe.


Local authorities are being measured by how they implement future indicators as securing quality of life, economic development, sustainability and climate protection. Consequently, many cities and regions are now establishing green plans along with clean air zones.

Hydrogen can be part of the solution as fundamental step in the transition towards a cleaner future. A number of large cities and local authorities are currently proving that, when used as fuel for transport, hydrogen is a clean response to the high levels of particulate matter, exhaust fumes and noise that occur in metropolitan and urban areas.

At a European level there are numerous initiatives and organisations working on hydrogen transport alternatives, rolling out hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and deploying hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. 


The roundtable aims to demonstrate how hydrogen vehicle technology has been adopted by initiatives across Europe, providing policy makers and European city representatives with the opportunity to discuss, engage and network with experts from these initiatives.

Focusing on real world experiences of deploying hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as a solution to local/regional pollution issues, the event will provide practical information on how they can be implemented and introduce hydrogen initiatives in Europe who have adopted them.

The event will also be an opportunity for the audience to provide insights on what support is required to encourage the adoption of hydrogen vehicles and the expansion of the refuelling network by cities, regions, local authorities and policy makers.

The event will:

  • present hydrogen as a solution to local/regional pollution issues,
  • provide practical information on how hydrogen can be implemented,
  • introduce hydrogen initiatives in Europe who have adopted them,
  • understand remaining barriers for policy makers and how they could be addressed.

Contact: info@h2me.eu

Wednesday, October 10, 2018