European Hydrogen Safety Panel

The FCH JU ensures that its R&I activities in energy and transport are backed with the appropriate cross-cutting initiatives such as safety innovations. The latter standing as an essential of the FCH JU's portfolio, a new intiative was launched to reinforce this area with additonal support.

The FCH  JU launched the European Hydrogen Safety Panel initiative, which has the mission to assist the FCH JU both at programme and at project level in assuring that hydrogen safety is adequately managed. It is also to promote and disseminate H2 safety culture within and outside of the FCH 2 JU programme. The European Hydrogen Safety Panel will provide to the FCH 2 JU Programme Office a unique, practical and direct access to an objective: state-of-the-art expert judgment for all issues regarding hydrogen safety.

This new initiative was just launched and the FCH JU is currently looking for experts to join the panel.

The European Hydrogen Safety Panel was introduced for the first time on the occasion of the International Conference of Hydrogen Safety in Hamburg, Germany.


Find all information about the call for expressions here