Fuel cell micro CHP ready to decarbonise residential housing sector

"Fuel cell micro-CHP is a technology that is modern, innovative and enjoyed by many customers today. That's why we want to deploy it in the coming energy mix in Europe" said Fiona Riddoch from Cogen Europe as the first statement of the project ene.field final dissemination event.

Held on the 11 October 2017 at the Autoworld in Brussels, the event showcased ene.field findings and outlined next steps for the sector reaching mass commercialisation, based on the successful installation, operation and support of more than 1,000 fuel cells across 10 European countries.

The event was organised in the frame of the European Week of Regions and Cities and welcomed a speaker from the Committee of the Regions as part of the opening session. Mr Heinz Lehmann, Vice-President of the European Committee of the Regions Bureau stressed the importance of innovative technologies especially for strategic partners such as cities and regions who have the power to turn climate promises into clear actions.

FCH JU Executive Director Bart Biebuyck was also present and highlighted how European funded projects led to concrete achievements that boost market entry of green and effecient products. Projects ene.field and Pace exemplify this aspect perfectly.

At the venue, participants had the occasion to discover 8 units from different European manufacturors.

Watch the video message for customers here

Watch the video message about ene.field for policymakers here

Over the past five years, ene.field has deployed and monitored over 1,000 new installations of residential Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration across 10 key European countries. It represents a step change in the volume of fuel cell deployment for this sector in each country. By learning the practical implications of installing, operating and supporting a fleet of fuel cells with real world customers, ene.field has demonstrated the environmental and economic imperative of Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration, and laid the foundations for market exploitation. The newcomer FCH JU project PACE will enable manufacturers establish Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration as a standard technology by installing more than 2,500 units across Europe.

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