Hydrogen for Clean Transport - leading the way towards zero-emission

On the 22 September, seven cars were standing in front of the Charlemagne, showing what fuel cells and hydrogen technology can offer to transport: making vehicles that are clean, long range and fast- refueling.

This was on the occasion of the European conference "Hydrogen for Clean Transport" where leaders of the industry confirmed their commitment to expanding the deployment of fuel cell electric vehicles across Europe. At the time when Europe commits to concrete measures to decarbonise our energy and transport systems, the efforts from OEMs such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Honda, Hyundai, Symbio, and Toyota, set the tone for a leading industry ready to take the next step towards a zero emission transport sector in Europe by 2040.

Around 300 participants joined the event and discovered what major advances occurred in the hydrogen transport sector.

Mrs Clara de la Torre, Director of Transport DG Research & Innovation, opened the conference with encouraging statements for the sector and reminded President Junker declaration: "decarbonisation fundamentally changes the way our industry is powered". Throughout her speech, Mrs de la Torre also acknowledged the major progress and achievements of the FCH JU programme.
Experts from FCH JU project HyFIVE and H2ME presented the lessons learned and shared how the sector is overcoming the challenges and barriers faced by the technology.

The message delivered by the industry at the conference was clear: hydrogen fuel cells plus electric-vehicle technology offer a viable path to zero emission transport and, as part of the wider energy system, support grid operations and integration of renewable energies.

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