Europe’s role in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell value chains

Fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) can bring significant benefits across the energy system, providing low carbon, zero air quality emission energy options, and efficient energy conversion. They can  also bring significant economic benefits to Europe, as an expanding area for green growth, generating revenue for European countries and creating highly skilled jobs in a knowledge-based sector.


Leading European players




How you can help

The FCH 2 JU would appreciate your help, by providing important information about your organisation and its role in FCH value chains. Below you can find links to a short questionnaire which will help us build a database of players in European FCH value chain, and a survey where you can give your views on Europe’s competitiveness.

  • Click here to complete a short questionnaire to help us build a database of players in European FCH value chains. The questionnaire asks for basic information about your organisation, its role in the supply chain, and current activities. It should take a few minutes to complete.
  • Click here to complete our competitiveness survey. Here you have the opportunity to express your views on Europe’s capabilities and prospects compared with other leading world regions and players. This survey is hosted on an external site (Check Market).



This section will be updated in the summer of 2018, once the database and survey are completed, to give an overview of the European FCH sector, and maps showing locations of different players.  


The European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell industry today (2017 status)






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